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 Unfortunately this year's Spring reunion in April had to be cancelled,
 but the Autumn reunion took place on the 15th of October.
The report and photographs are after the In Memoriam section below.
 I hope we have cleared up the hiccough and we are back to normal,
 so look out for news of the Spring dinner in due course.

 Thanks to Jacqui Teague - daughter of Gary and Dorothy Teague who attended the May 2011 reunion -
 the site is now hosted by Colourlogic,  Jacqui's internet business in Tura Beach, New South Wales.
 Without Jacqui's intervention, the website would have had to close,
 so if any reunionists or people you know want to put any business her way, there is a link at the foot of the page.

During the October 2011 reunion, Bruce Lervy asked how I manage not to get into the reunion photographs. Others were kind enough to ask how my son's wedding went. So, to kill two birds..., here is a proud father with Darren and Aimee.
(If you're wondering about all the blue, that's what you get when your son's a Chelsea supporter!)

Thanks to those of you who enquired about my family. Here's the latest news: my second granddaughter Olivia Jean Miriam Lewis, was born on April 4th 2014.
Here's Darren and Aimee with Amelia
and one-day-old Olivia.

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Home ... History ... School Staff 1954 ... Demolition Photographs
Rededication of the Memorial plaques
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 From Summer 2013, there's been a change in the layout of the Reunion Dinners page.
 Instead of beginning with a long chronology of the reunions (most recent first), the notes on
 each reunion have been moved to the top of the relevant picture gallery. I hope you approve!
 The dinners section begins with In Memoriam; obituaries for teachers and former pupils.

A panoramic view of the May 2012 reunion

  Above, a panoramic view of the May 2012 reunion.

For almost ten years, reunion dinners have been held twice a year at which attendees have thoroughly enjoyed the get-together and the opportunity for reminiscence. The plan is to continue to expand these events, so if you would like to attend the 2014 Spring reunion, just get in touch.

Photographs of the tables are shown below. To download high resolution copies of the files suitable for printing:

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Table numbers may not correspond to the numbering at the Atlantic Hotel.

The names of those in the photographs are given left to right or clockwise from left foreground, with, in brackets, the maiden names of ladies who were students at Porth Sec. That was the original plan, but I'm afraid you will find some omissions as you browse the page.

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HOWARD NORRIS  (1934 - 2015)
Howard died at the end of January this year. He came to Porth Sec in 1946, and during his rugby playing days he set a number of records. A fuller tribute to him will appear soon.

DANNY EVANS  1925 - 2015
David Daniel Evans was born and brought up in Treorchy where his parents were highly respected members of the community, and faithful members of Hermon Chapel.  Danny was an active member of the chapel, and was treasurer of the Sunday School bank and secretary of the annual Gymanfa Ganu held in Hermon.  It was in Hermon that he got married in 1951.
He left Porth Secondary School in 1943 to study Physics at University College Aberystwyth.  During the war he was directed to work at the Patent Office in London. After the war  he returned to Aberystwyth to complete his studies.   He began his teaching career at his old school in 1949, teaching Physics and Mathematics.   Five years later he joined his father's business as a florist.   He became the District 11  Chairman of Interflora and an Executive Member.

He was a Rotarian and a Freemason.
Danny was a keen sportsman.    He played rugby for his school, University College, Treorchy,  London Welsh and captained the Welsh University side.  He was a member of Penrhys and Llantrisant Golf Clubs and played bowls.
His was a cheerful and warm personality.  He was very sociable and well liked, as demonstrated by the large number present at his funeral in Hermon on 11th of  August.

Ernest John Harwood died in Wakefield on September 1st 2014 after a long illness. He would have been 88 years of age on October 1st 2014.
“Ernie” Harwood
entered Porth Secondary School in 1938 and left in 1944.  He was known as a fine runner and held the Rhondda Schools’ Sports record for the junior 440 yard race set in 1941 and the senior 880 yard record set in 1944. In 1941, the athletics team - including Ernie, Mostyn Thomas, John Samuel and Gordon Wells - won the Boys' Junior Championship.
Ernie trained as a craft teacher at Loughborough College and during his time at Loughborough he did some teaching practice in his old school under the direction of Mr. Tommy Griffiths who was in charge of Boys' craft at that time.
In 1959, he left to take a post in Romford and, after taking up several other teaching appointments, he became a member of the staff at Porth Secondary Grammar School in 1953. He was described as "a fine teacher and a fine person." 

When Gwenllian left Porth Sec, she worked with the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force and married a Belgian Colonel. She came twice to our reunions, and was instantly recognisable as she always wore a peaked hat.
At the time of her death, she was a widow living in a large property in France. Her sister, who also came to the Atlantic, is in France now, still sorting out Gwenllian’s affairs.
(The photograph at right shows Gwenllian with one of her iconic hats.)

Selwyn Jenkins was born on January 6th 1932 and lived in Charles street, Porth. He was a great friend of Ron Bacchetta - they were in the same class  - and they kept in touch right up to the time of Selwyn's death.
Selwyn left school at 18, and went straight into national service service in the RAF. In 1953, while stationed in Bournemouth, he met his future wife Madeleine, a French au pair, on the beach at Emsworth. They married in 1955, Ron being Best Man.
After working as an auditor for the chemists department of Timothy Whites and Taylor, he moved on to be auditor at Butlins, a role he held for 26 years until he retired in 1960. During that time he was based at Bognor Regis, Barry, Ireland,  Minehead, then back to Bognor where he set up home with Madeleine and their two children, Rhydian and Christine. He often spent time in Wales, visiting friends and supporting Welsh Rugby in the Millennium stadium.
Other than chest problems, a side effect of a stomach operation, Selwyn enjoyed a very happy life with frequent visits to family in Brittany and New Zealand.
Selwyn was an amiable person who loved people, and in return, he was much loved by all who knew him, touched by his genuine love and regard for all around him. He will be remembered as as a great family man who was always cheerful and welcoming, never to be forgotten.


Dr W.J. "Billy" Darch was born in March 1923 and died on the 20th January 2014 after a short illness.   He was cremated in Guilford crematorium, Surrey.
Billy Darch, the son of a collier, was living in Old Brithweunydd Road when he entered  Porth Secondary School. Later the family moved to 129, Miskin Road.
He left school in 1940 to study at the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire in Cardiff. During the war the worked in the laboratories of Curran Brothers. Afterwards  he returned to the university college and left in 1949 with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry. He joined British Petroleum at the Llandarcy refinery and stayed with the company for the rest of his working life.  He became the general manager of B.P. refineries worldwide and a director of several companies. However, Bill believed that his greatest achievement was as president of the Alaska Pipeline Company set up to bring oil from Alaska to the refineries in the south. To do this he had a budget of billions of dollars and a workforce of 23,000. In an interview with the Rhondda Leader he said, "I made lots of money".
He was an outstanding athlete. He played rugby for Cardiff and Aberavon and represented Wales against New Zealand and France in matches held just after the war ended, when caps were not awarded.
After retirement he and his wife moved to Meadow Rise, Swansea where he owned a house bought for his daughter when she was a student there. Bill was a member of the first small group of former Porth Secondary School pupils who met in Porthcawl. It was out of this small group came the idea of inviting other ex-pupils to join them for lunches leading to the first of the reunion dinners.
In November, 2013 a dinner was held in the Millennium Stadium to honour the 25 players who were not awarded caps for appearances in Non Test matches between 1945 to 1979. It was at that dinner that wheelchair-bound Billy Darch received a Welsh Rugby Union's President's cap. Bill was one of the two ninety-year-olds who received a cap that day.
Bill Darch was certainly one of the most successful of the pupils of his old school, a school to which, he often said, he owed an enormous debt.

Betty was born in 1921, and died in Cwmcynfelyn Nursing home near Aberystwyth on March 7th 2014.
She left Mountain Ash County School in 1938 to enter the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire where she graduated with honours in Music. She began teaching Music in Porth Secondary School in September 1944  and left in April 1952 to take up a similar post at Ardwyn County School, Aberystwyth.
Her arrival in Porth Secondary School heralded a new dawn. She inspired her pupils and produced from that small mixed grammar school two fine choirs as well as a madrigal group, all successful in national competitions. Under her guidance children achieved success singing in duets and octets at national eisteddfodau. In her days at the school, it should be said, she had fine material with which to work.
At the Ardwyn school she was just as highly regarded. In a letter to the Western Mail a few years ago a former pupil of that school  described her as "our inspirational music teacher". We salute a very fine teacher who gave so much to her pupils that will not be forgotten.

Marilyn died at home in Church Terrace, Ynyshir on 5th September 2013.
She was brought up in Ton Pentre near to where her grandparents kept a jewellery shop. She entered Porth Secondary School in 1942 where her aunt, Miss Olwen Ladd, was already an established English and German teacher. She was also related to the Arthur family who farmed at Troedyrhiw farm on the mountainside above Mount Pleasant. Betty Arthur taught at the school in the 1950s.
Marilyn (pictured left at age 15) sang solos at the school’s Distribution of Certificates and Prizes in 1945 and 1946. In 1948 she and Pamela Lewis (Jennings) sang the duet 'I Waited for the Lord'.
She trained as a nurse in London and married another ex-pupil of the school, Jackie Cronin, and lived with him in Cemetery Road.  They had four sons.
Marilyn worked in Porth hospital and became a nursing sister there. Whilst making her rounds of the wards one night she found an extra patient sleeping in one of the wards. The police were called and the man was found to have had too good a night out, and had been looking for a bed to sleep it off.
She suffered a stroke some years ago, other health problems beset her, and she ended up bed-ridden. During this long period of ill health her partner, David Morris, looked after her. The photograph (above right) shows her and David when they attended our reunion in April 2007.

Islwyn died in the University Hospital on 6th October 2013 at the age of 93.
Islwyn Griffiths MBE was brought up at 33, Ynyshir Road and he and his family attended the nearby Welsh Independent chapel, Saron.
He became a pupil at Porth Secondary School in 1931, and captained the senior rugby team in the 1937-38 season.
He entered the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire in 1938 and played for the college rugby team in 1939. His studies were disrupted by six years of war service as a pilot in the RAF, serving in North Africa and Italy.
After the war he returned to Cardiff, and obtained an Honours Degree in Welsh, a subject he taught at Pembroke Grammar School. One of his pupils said at Islwyn’s funeral: 'Islwyn Griffiths was born to teach', adding that he was inspirational and 'taught us to love and respect our country with the same love and respect that we had for him.'

He was a true humanitarian and internationalist as shown by his work with the Pestalozzi Children’s Village Trust.

He set up an International Friendship Society. Over five years, 250 refugee children were brought over from displacement camps in Europe to stay with host families for ten weeks at a time.
Between 1954 and1975, he set up and ran the Pembroke International Conferences, attended each year by around 80 students from all over Europe and beyond, and, in 1967, he was awarded the MBE for this work.
It was said at the funeral that he did translations for St Fagans and others. He had also translated Ladybird books into Welsh, and I saw some of them after the funeral. Bruce Lervy told Eileen that Islwyn had sent some of the Ladybird books to him since he was learning Welsh.
Islwyn’s wife, Ann, died in 2005, and he leaves behind his daughter, Mair, son-in law, Emyr Afan, and four grandchildren. Mair and Emyr own the Pop Factory (formerly the Corona Mineral Water Works) in Porth and run the television production company, Avanti.
(The photographs show Islwyn (above left) in fine form in October 2008;  and (above right), a year later, at the last of our reunions which he attended.)

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October 15th 2015

Attendance was way down on previous years, perhaps because the twice-yearly routine had been disrupted with the cancellation of our April meeting earlier in the year. Some of our regulars had gone on holiday, and six withdrew at the last moment after telling us they would attend and enclosing their cheques.
Our numbers were boosted, however, by four new attendees, two of them daughters of one of our stalwarts.
A typical Porthcawl day welcomed the attendees - a pleasant day with a bit of a breeze.
Pam Lewis was in the chair, and apprised  the assembled multitude of the passing of two people associated with the school; one a teacher, the other a student who went on to rugby fame, Danny Evans and Howard Norris. Their popularity and the esteem in which they were held was evident by the number who went back to Eiryl Wells' copy of the 1951 school panorama - which had been poured over before the lunch - to identify them among the staff and students in the photograph. The photographs of both are taken from the 1951 school panorama


Table 1a Table 1b Table 2a
Malcolm Griffiths; Idris John; Sheila John
Enid Spenser Davies; Pam Lewis
Eileen Thomas; David Jenkins
Walter Baberg; Valmai Baberg
Marilyn Richards; Pat Warren
Renata Collins; Lynda Lewis
Table 2b Table 3a Table 3b
Catherine Holloway; Marilyn Hughes; Gerald Richards
Marilyn Richards; Pat Warren; Renata Collins
Ron Phippin; Jean Vizor;  Tom Vizor
George Sparrow; Marion Sparrow
Susan Cooke; Janet Davies
Roy Britten; Vivian Thomas

Table 4a Table 4b Table 5a
Gillian Lloyd; Eiryl Wells
Irene Davies; Mary Simons
Wendy Roberts; Christine Johnson
Gaynor Thomas; Lilian Austin
Roger Edwards; Margaret Edwards; Marilyn Ivey
Roy Bulley; Trish Bulley
  Table 5b  
  Deryck Lewis; Gill Williams;
Cliff Wiliams; Carolla Parker
The Autumn 2015 New Kids on the Block
Catherine Holloway Marilyn Hughes Pam Lewis tells of the deaths of Howard and Danny Janet Davies Susan Cooke
    Sorry! No prizes for those who spotted that Pam is not one of the New Kids.    

October 9th 2014

The worst weather and the worst attendance of all our Porthcawl reunions. Rain of monsoon proportions, accompanied by lightning and thunder, drenched some of our pedestrian attendees. During the dinner, rain cascading down the windows prevented a clear view across the road to the seascape.
In the course of the week prior to the reunion, ten people had cancelled their booking for various reasons. On the day, even those who kept their booking had cried off because of the weather. One pair of regulars whose absence was not due to the weather, was the Samuels. Mary had died in July, and Grenville was still too raw to attend. He sent assurances that he would come to the reunion next Spring, though.
The serving of dinner was delayed for ten minutes because one New Kid on the Block had disappeared. A rumour arose that he had gone to town to get some wine, but  he had not returned ten minutes later, so dinner went ahead for the thirty-eight who remained.
Vivian Thomas told the reunionists that Ron Bacchetta had stepped down as Chair of the organising committee, and introduced Pam Lewis - not that she needed any introduction - who had taken over the role. Pam welcomed Ann Nowell, the only New Kid on The Block who had shown up, and recalled that she was generally known as 'Jubilate' at school, on account of her inspirational rendition of the Mozart aria, Exultate, Jubilate, at a school eisteddfod.
She also paid tribute to Gwenllian Kuiler and Selwyn Jenkins, former students who had died (see In Memoriam above).


Table 1a Table 1b Table 1c
Roy Bulley; Trish Bulley (Burden)
Mary Simons (Edwards); Angela Elliott (Roberts)
Cliff Williams; Gillian Williams (Davis); Roy Bulley
Carolla Parker (Watts); Wendy Roberts (Jones)
Cliff Williams
Table 2a Table 2b Table 3a
Eiryl Wells (Evans); Gillian Lloyd (Llewellyn)
Irene Davies (Morgan); Mary Simons (Edwards)
Pam Minas Dixon); Janet Collier (Isaacs)
Anne Price (Hughes)
Ron Phippen; Tom Visor; Jean Visor (Aubrey)

Table 3b Table 4 Table 5a
Allen Richards; Shirley Richards (Bassett) Marilyn Richards; Gerald Richards; Brian Phillips
Clive Morley; Lynda Lewis (Edmunds); Pat Warren (Evans)
Joan Kelly (Lindsey); Olga Evans (Haines)
David Lewis
Table 5b Table 5c Table 5d
Pam Lewis (Jennings); June Hall (Michael)
Joan Kelly (Lindsey); Olga Evans (Haines)
Enid Spenser Davies (Morgan); Ann Nowell (Williams)
Eben Phillips; Enid Spenser Davies (Morgan)
Ann Nowell (Williams)
Look behind you!
Pam Lewis introduces Ann Nowell
Table 6a Table 6b New Kid on the Block
Ann Nowell
  Eileen Thomas (Jarman); Vivian Thomas
Yvonne Bacchetta; Ron Bacchetta; Roy Britten
Roy Britten; Deryck Lewis; Eileen Thomas (Jarman)
Vivian Thomas; Yvonne Bacchetta; Ron Bacchetta

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May 15th 2014

Such a beautiful day, it was a pity that only fifty former students had signed up for the reunion dinner. We did have two New Kids on the Block, however.
Morris and Agnes Green were due to attend, but Agnes had had a fall, and at the last minute had to substitute A&E for the Atlantic Hotel, which brought the number of attendees down to forty-eight.
In the absence of Ron Bacchetta, Pam Lewis welcomed the newcomers, before announcing the death of Gwenllian Kuiler (nee Aplin) and former music teacher, Betty Jones Davies. Vivian Thomas then gave a potted account of the life of Bill Darch, a founding member of the reunion dinners, who had died also.  Vivian's obituaries of Bill, Gwenllian and Betty appear in the In Memoriam section above.
Those who complained will be pleased that the maiden names of former students have been reinstated in the captions to the photographs.

Table 1aa Table 1b Table 2a
Mary Simons (Edwards); Irene Davies (Morgan)
Christine Johnson (Jones); Wendy Roberts (Jones)
Pat Bulley (Viner)
Bernie Bulley; Trish Bulley (Burden); Roy Bulley
Gillian Lloyd (Llewellyn); Eryl Wells (Evans)
Lynda Lewis (Edmunds); Marian Jones (Davies)
Pat Warren (Evans); Renata Collins (Kress)
Bruce Lervy; Jean Lervy (Davies)
Table 2b Table 2c Table 3a
Marilyn Richards (Jones); Gerald Richards
John Isaac; Nerys John (Jones); Pam Martin (Fisher)
John Isaac; Pam Martin (Fisher); Gwyneth Gully (Gelly)
Lynda Lewis (Davies); Marian Jones (Davies)
Roy Britten; Grace Davies; Dwynwen Jones

Table 3b Table 3c Table 4
Allen Richards; Shirley Richards (Bassett)
Jean Vizor (Aubrey); Tom Vizor; Roy Britten
Dwynwen Jones; Vivian Thomas
Allen Richards; Shirley Richards (Bassett)
Gill Williams (Davis); Cliff Williams
Angela Elliott (Roberts); Marilyn Ivey (Morgan)
Carola Parker (Watts); Deryck Lewis
Table 5a Table 5b Table 5c
David Jenkins; Walter Baberg; Valmai Baberg (Davies)
Sheila John (Williams); David Lewis
(Sorry you have to hide behind the flower, Sheila)
Brian Phillips; Enid Spenser Davies (Morgan)
Pamela Lewis (Jennings); June Hall (Michael)
Eileen Thomas (Jarman)
Idris John; Olga Evans (Haines); Brian Phillips
Vivian Thomas pays tribute to Bill Darch Bernie Bulley, a New Kid on the Block Grace and Dwynwen, those interlopers from Pentre Grammar again The other New Kid on the Block, David Jenkins Pam Lewis recalls Gwenllian and Betty

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October 17 2013 (Sorry, no maiden names, I'm afraid)

October 17 dawned grey and overcast, but, by the time of the reunion, the sun had broken through and it turned into a very pleasant day.
For a variety of reasons, the number of attendees was reduced to fifty-one, but as is usual, the reduction in numbers did not mean a reduction in bonhomie. For the first time in several reunions, we had no New Kids on the Block.
In the absence of Ron Bacchetta, who had been called to his son in Berlin, Vivian Thomas gave a brief speech of welcome before handing over to Pam Lewis.
Pam remembered two former attendees who had died in the interim since the last dinner: Marilyn Cronin (nee Lewis), a niece of Miss Olwen Ladd; and Islwyn Griffiths, who had a quite remarkable history, which came as a surprise to many of those in attendance. Vivian Thomas has prepared
a tribute to Marilyn along with a résumé of Islwyn's life which appears in the In Memorial section at the top of the page.
To round things off, Ron Phippin again proposed a vote of thanks to the Organising Committee.

Table 1a Table 1b Table 2a
Margaret Edwards; Janet Collier
Pamela Minas; Ann Price
Elaine Rackham; Michael Rackham; Roger Edwards Doreen May; Agnes Green; Jean Lervy
Bruce Lervy; Morris Green; Don May
Table 2b Table 3 Table 3b
Don May; Sheila John; Doreen May Christine Johnson; Mary Simons; Irene Davies Gillan Lloyd; Eiryl Wells
Wendy Roberts;  Christine Johnson

Table 4a Table 4b Table 5a
Megan Edwards; Dwynwen Jones; Grace Davies Jean Vizor; Tom Vizor
Marion Sparrow; George Sparrow
Pam Martin; Nerys John; Marian Jones
Table 5b Table 6a Table 6b
Lynda Lewis; Gwyneth Gully
Gerald Richards; Marilyn Richards
Cliff Williams; Gill Williams; Roy Bulley
Trish Bulley; Carolla Parker
Deryck Lewis; Gill Williams; Cliff Williams
Roy Bulley; Trish Bulley; Carolla Parker
Table 7 Table 8 Pamela Lewis
Ron Phippin; Vivian Thomas
John Isaac; Brian Phillips
Eileen Thomas; Eben Phillips; Joan Kelly
June Hall; David Lewis; Pamela Lewis
Pam announces the deaths of Marilyn and Islwyn

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April 25 2013 (Again, no maiden names, I'm afraid)

Round figures for the April 25th reunion: a grand total of sixty, up from fifty-four last October. The weather was not at it best as the attendees gathered but, as the afternoon progressed, it turned into a very pleasant day. Ron Bacchetta was again the Master of ceremonies, and introduced the two New Kids on the Block: Leighton and Ray Brunt. Again, Gary and Dorothy Teague sent their best wishes to the assembled multitude from their home about twenty miles north of Sydney, New South Wales. Bruce Lervy and Morris Green - who with Gary Teague and myself, represented the 1951 intake - were, respectively, a) seeing his daughter off on her return to Australia; and b) gallivanting on a holiday to the Seychelles, both on the very morning of the reunion! How could they?! Gary, of course, was enjoying the late-Autumn sunshine in retirement on the shores of Pittswater, New South Wales.
Again Ron Phippin proposed a vote of thanks to the Organising Committee for another successful get-together.

Table 1a Table 1b Table 2a
Gerald Richards; Marilyn Richards; Lilian Austin
Gwenllian Kuiler; Nerys John
Marian Jones; Renata Collins; Pat Warren
Lynda Lewis; Clive Morley
Mary Simons; Eiryl Wells
Gillian Lloyd; Elaine Rackham
Table 2b Table 3 Table 4a
Margaret Edwards; Roger Edwards
Michael Rackham; Irene Davies
Grace Davies; Dwynwen Jones; Megan Edwards
Roy Britten; Marion Sparrow; George Sparrow
Angela Elliott; Ron Bacchetta
Yvonne Bacchetta; Carolla Parker

Table 4b Table 5a Table 5b
Jill Williams; Cliff Williams
Carol Williams; Mary Lawson
Olga Evans;  June Hall; Leighton Brunt; David Lewis
Ray Brunt; Eben Phillips
Pam Lewis; Enid Spenser Davies
Table 6a Table 6b Table 7
Sheila John; Idris John
Grenville Samuel; Mary Samuel
Ron Phippin; Evelyn Christopher
Tom Vizor; Jean Vizor
Roy Bulley; Trish Bulley; Christine Johnson
Wendy Roberts; Lynda Hopkins; Deryck Lewis
Table 8 Ray Brunt Leighton Brunt
Vivian Thomas; Eileen Thomas; Shirley Richards
Allen Richards; John Isaac; Brian Phillips
Ray and Leighton were April 2013's New Kids on the Block
Ron Bacchetta Vivian Thomas's year Ron Phippin
Ron issues a welcome to the New Kids on the Block and announces that the next dinner will be in October Vivian Thomas; Allen Richards; Ron Phippin; June Hall; Leighton Brunt; Grenville Samuel; Tom Vizor A round of applause for the organising committee

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October 18 2012 (No maiden names, I'm afraid)

Holidays and mix-ups over dates and addresses, meant that the October dinner was down to just 54 attendees, the worst for five years. But, although lacking in numbers, it was by no means lacking in nostalgia and enjoyment. A first attendee was Dr John Isaac, who had been threatening to attend for years, but hadn't got around to it. Having sampled the occasion, he promised it would not be his last. One unfortunate occurrence was that, after many years of Mair Poole trying to persuade her sister, Gwyneth Bowden, to attend, Gwyneth finally made an appearance only to be taken ill early in the proceedings and had to retire. Don't give up: better luck next time, Gwyneth!
Ron Phippin gave copious thanks all round, including to the Organising Committee and the staff of the Atlantic Hotel for looking after us.
After feeling well pleased with myself for what I thought was a comprehensive collection of photographs (some more than once), I was dismayed to find out when I got home, that I had taken no photographs of Sheila John and Joan Kelly. Sorry for the omission.

Table 1a

Table 1b

Table 1c

Elaine Rackham; Janet Collier;
Pamela Minas;
Eiryl Wells; Gillian Lloyd

Irene Davies; Tegwen Davies; Michael Rackham
Roger Edwards
; Margaret Edwards

Tegwen Davies; Michael Rackham
Roger Edwards, Margaret Edwards

Table 1d

Table 2a

Table 2b

Eiryl Wells; Gillian Lloyd; Irene Davies
Tegwen Davies; Michael Rackham

Grenville Samuel; Mary Samuel
Gwenllian Kuiler; Lilian Austin

Gwenllian Kuiler, Olga Evans;
Sheila John; Idris John

Table 3 Table 4a Table 4b
Carolla Parker; Christine Meaden; Howard Meaden
Carol Williams; Lynn Constantine; Angela Elliott
Ron Phippin; Evelyn Christopher
Roy Britten; Megan Edwards
Roy Britten; Megan Edwards
Dwynwen Jones; Grace Edwards
Table 4c Table 5a Table 5b
Jean Vizor; Tom Vizor Lynda Lewis, Marilyn Richards
Gerald Richards; Pat Warren
Renata Collins; Gaynor Thomas
Nerys John; Marian Jones
Table 6a Table 6b Table 6c
George Sparrow; Marion Sparrow
Mair Poole; Gwyneth Bowden
Ron Bacchetta; Don May
Doreen May; Gillian Williams; Cliff Williams
Deryck Lewis; George Sparrow; Marion Sparrow
Mair Poole; Gwyneth Bowden
Table 6d Table 7 Table 7a
Mair Poole; Gwyneth Bowden
(Gwyneth is one of the New Kids on the Block)
Vivian Thomas; John Isaac
Eileen Thomas; Brian Phillips
John Isaac; Eileen Thomas
Brian Phillips; Vivian Thomas
This is who we have to blame:
The Organising Committee
John Isaac Ron Phippin The Atlantic Hotel Staff
Vivian Thomas; Carolla Parker; Marian Jones
Ron Bacchetta; (and Pamela Lewis, who was absent)
The other of this reunion's New Kids on the Block Ron proposed a toast  to the hotel staff (amongst others) Apart from Robert, the Maitre d', no names, I'm afraid. Sorry, Ladies!

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May 10 2012

There were sixty-one attendees at the May 10th reunion, who had braved heavy showers to get to the Atlantic.
Ron Bacchetta was Master of Ceremonies and introduced four former students attending for the first time, including Tegwen Davies who had missed the Autumn 2011 get-together. He also passed on the best wishes of Gary Teague and his wife Dorothy, of Pittswater Australia - north of Sydney - who attended the reunion of a year ago.

Table 1a Table 3 Table 4

Brian Phillips; Gwyneth Gully (Gelly)
Pam Martin (Fisher);
Georgia Lewis (Oatridge); Elfed Lewis

Carolla Parker (Watts); Morris Green; Bruce Lervy
Deryck Lewis; Agnes Green
Carol Williams (Billington)
 Gillian Williams; Cliff Williams

Dwynwen Jones; Grace Davies; George Sparrow
Marion Sparrow (Evans); Roy Britten
Megan Edwards (Jones)

Table 5a Table 5b Table 6
Gillian Lloyd (Llewellyn); Eiryl Wells (Evans)
Irene Davies (Morgan); Wendy Roberts (Jones)
Pauline Cole (Jinks)
Lynda Hopkins (Bailey); Christine Johnston (Jones)
Jenny Ashley (Griffiths)
Enid Spenser Davies (Morgan); Dorothy Reynolds (Lee)
Margaret Jones (Hughes); David Lewis
Barbara Hickerton; Audrey Woods (Wood)
Pam Lewis (Jennings); Joan Kelly (Lindsay)
Table 7a Table 7b Ron Bacchetta and part of Table 2
Elaine Rackham (Jones); Ann Price (Hughes)
Patricia McGovern (Connelly)
Janet Collier (Isaacs); Tegwen Davies (Lewis)
Marilyn Ivey (Morgan); Roy Bulley
Trish Bulley (Burden); Michael Rackham
Valmai (Davies) and Walter Baberg at left; Eileen Thomas (Jarman) at centre; Mair Poole (Head) with back to camera; and Ron Bacchetta at right.
... And the New Kids  on the May 2012 Block are:
Jenny Ashley Pauline Cole Tegwen Davies (Lewis) Brian Phillips

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October 20 2011

Forecasts of rain - and even snow - came to naught, and the sun shone once more on the Atlantic Hotel and a depleted attendance for the reunion on October 20. Seventy were booked to attend but, come the day, only 57 made it. It was good to see Ron Bacchetta back in the fold after his recent health problems and knee replacement operation. In attendance, but suffering from chest problems, was Vivian Thomas, who handed over MC duties to Pam Lewis. Six newcomers were scheduled to attend, but one of them - Tegwen Davies - was one of the no-shows. Helping to boost the numbers, though, was Eben Phillips, returning after an absence of many years.

Table 1a Table 1b Table 1c

Renata Collins; Gwenllian Kuiler
Lilian Austin; Nerys John

Marian Jones; Lynda Lewis
Pat Warren; Gaynor Thomas

Gwyneth Gully; Marilyn Richards; Gerald Richards

Table 2a Table 2b Table 3
Roy Bulley; Trish Bulley
Carolla Parker; Angela Elliott
Bruce Lervy; Jean Lervy
Cliff Williams; Jill Williams
Margaret Edwards; Roger Edwards; Marilyn Ivey
Pam Minas; Janet Collier; Dilwen Granfield

Table 4 Table 5 Table 6
Grace Davies; Dwynwen Jones; Lyndis Lewis
Ceredig Lewis; Roy Britten; Megan Edwards
Doreen May; Donald May; Idris John
Sheila John; Eileen Thomas; Olga Evans
Eiryl Wells (Evans); Gillian Lloyd (Llewellyn)
Irene Davies (Morgan); Mary Simons (Edwards)
Wendy Roberts; Lynda Hopkins; Christine Johnson

Table 7 Table 8 Irene Davies and Mary Simons
Mary Samuel; Grenville Samuel;
Tom Vizor; Jean Vizor; Vivian Thomas
Pamela Lewis; Eben Phillips; Joan Kelly (Lindsay)
Ron Bacchetta; Mair Poole; David Lewis
Irene Davies; Mary Simons
(Two of the New Kids on the Block)
... And the October 2011 New Kids  on the Block are:

                       Gillian Lloyd and Eiryl Wells                                 Gillian Lloyd                       Joan Kelly                        Eben Phillips

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May 12 2011

After bragging that I had taken photographs of all the tables last October, I spoke too soon. The curse descended on Table 3 again, and I photographed only half of the contingent. Not for the first time: My apologies!
Again a record was set, with 69 ex-pupils, spouses and friends attending. Had everyone who had announced their intention of turning up done so, it would have been closer to 90. Included in the absentees was Ron Bacchetta, who was recovering from a knee operation. Standing in for Ron, Vivian Thomas wished him a speedy recovery and welcomed the new kids on the block, with whom he is pictured in the gallery below.
Remember Cyril Evans, who had arranged his holiday from New Zealand to coincide with the May reunion in 2007, well this time we had a few more challengers for the farthest travelled. Gary Teague (1951-57) had done the same thing, and attended with his wife Dorothy from their home on the shores of Pittswater, about twenty miles north of Sydney, where they have lived since 1965. He had brought a mounted photograph of the September 1954 school photograph which aroused a great deal of interest. Gary was a Glynfach lad, but Dorothy hailed from Warrington. He had also brought his sister Carol and her husband Allen, the latter from Llwyncelyn, neither of whom had attended the school.
Morris Green, and his wife Agnes, had also brought two friends - Jaime and June Molinos - who have an 80-acre farm 80 kilometres northeast of Santiago, Chile. Again, neither Jaime nor June had attended Porth Sec, but, like the Hippards, were made most welcome, and all four thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Table 1a Table 1b Table 1c

Clive Morley, Marian Jones, Lynda Lewis. Renate Collins, Pat Warren. Gaynor Thomas, Pam Martin, Elfed Lewis, Georgia Lewis, Irene Jones
Lilian Austin, Gwenllian Kuiler, Gwynneth Gully, Vernon Bryant

Table 2a Table 2b Table 3
Jill Williams, Cliff Williams, Marilyn Ivey, Pam Minas, Janet Collier
Elaine Rackham, Michael Rackham, Dilwen Cranfield, Margaret Edwards, Roger Edwards
Olga Evans, Enid Spenser Davies
Sheila John, Idris John
Table 4a Table 4b Table 5a
Gary Teague, Dorothy Teague, Carol Hippard
Morris Green, Jaime Molinos
Jean Lervy, June Molinos, Agnes Green
Bruce Lervy, Allen Hippard
Allen Richards, Shirley Richards, Shirley Waitman
Maureen Lee, Sylvia Griffiths, Grenville Samuel
Mary Samuel (hidden) Jean Vizor, Tom Vizor
Table 5b Table 5c Table 6a
Compare with Table 5a Grenville Samuel, Mary Samuel
Jean Vizor, Tom Vizor
Carolla Parker, Roy Bulley, Trish Bulley
Christine Johnson Carol Williams, Wendy Roberts
Table 6b Table 7 The Teagues
Ann Price, Carol Williams, Angela Elliott
Howard Meaden, Chris Meaden
Dwynwen Jones, Vivian Thomas
Grace Davies, Megan Edwards
Gary and Dorothy Teague
... And the April 2011 New Kids  on the Block are:
                        The Meadens                        Gaynor Thomas      Maureen Lee       Vernon Bryant         Carol Hippard      Allen Hippard
                    Jaime Molinos                 June Molinos                       The Teagues and the Hippards                       Vivian Thomas

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October 13 2010

For various reasons, several people cried off at the last moment, so that instead of a new record, we were back to 58 for the October 2010 reunion. Sadly, Robbie Jones, who had missed the April dinner through ill-health, had passed away in July, so commiserations were expressed to his widow, Dwynwen, who was in attendance. Best wishes for better health were sent to Ron Bacchetta who was in hospital. In Ron's absence, Master of Ceremonies for the event was Vivian Thomas. Vivian welcomed five new attendees, and thanked the members of the organising committee for their work in ensuring that yet another reunion went off without a hitch. Again there was a letter from Mrs Betty Jones-Davies, Music teacher from 1944 to 1952, who sent her best wishes to all. Attendees will be pleased to learn that I managed to remember to photograph all of the tables this time. Maybe I should take it up professionally!

Table One
Nerys John; Lynda Lewis; Renate Collins;
Pat Warren; Irene Jones; Marian Jones;
Marilyn Richards; Gerald Richards

Table Two
Rowland Edwards; June Hall; Catherine Evans;
Mary Samuel; Grenville Samuel;
Tom Vizor; Jean Vizor; Vivian Thomas

Table Three
Dwynwen Jones; Lyndis Lewis; Ceredig Lewis;
Marion Sparrow; George Sparrow; Roy Britten;
Jeanette Cadwallader; Megan Edwards; Grace Davies

Table Four
Don May; Doreen May; Gill Williams; Cliff Williams

Table Five (a)
David Chapman; Wendy Roberts;
Roger Edwards; Margaret Edwards; Pam Minas

Table Five (b)
Janet Collier; Roy Bulley; Trish Bulley;
Christine Johnson; Pat Bulley

Table Six
Lillian Austin; Gwenllian Kuiler; Pam Lewis;
Enid Spencer Davies; Dorothy Reynolds;
Margaret Jones; Barbara Hickerton

Table Seven
Deryck Lewis; Eileen Thomas; David Lewis
Idris John; Sheila John

Table Eight
Carolla Parker; Ann Peters; Lynn Constantine
Barrie Constantine; Carol Williams; Sheila Davies Angela Elliott; Ann Price

The new New Kids on the Block

Ann Peters

Grace Davies

Irene Jones

Rowland Edwards

Sheila Davies

Grace and Dwynwen
Interlopers from Pentre Grammar School.
Puh-leaze! No booing from the back - after all, they did have the good sense to marry Porth Sec boys!

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May 18 2010

The previous attendance record was again broken with 68 people in attendance. The total would have been 70, but two had to cry off due to ill health: Jeanette Cadwallader and Robbie Jones. There were seven new attendees, including Gwenllian Kuiler, holidaying from her home in the south of France and taking the opportunity of meeting up with old friends.

 As you know, my camera threw an (expensive) hissy fit and decided it was not going to work.
 Fortunately, Vivian Thomas let me use his camera for  the event, and the photographs he and I took are shown below.
 I'm afraid there are several omissions, due to multiple shots being taken of  one table, and not enough of another (Table 2, for instance).
I know, Ma Green would have given me detention and a hundred lines!
 Vivian has given his permission to make high resolution files of the photographs for downloading and printing in the usual way.

Table 1a
Lynda Lewis, John Morgan, Georgia Lewis
Elfed Lewis, Gerald Richards and Marilyn Richards
Table 1b
Elfed Lewis, Gerald Richards, Marilyn Richards Gwyneth Gully, Pam Martin and Nerys John
Table 1c
Renata Collins, Pat Warren
Marian Jones and Clive Morley

Table 2a Table 3a
Cliff Williams, Trish Williams and  Bruce Lervy
Table 3b
Bruce Lervy, Morris Green and Jean Lervy

Table 3c
Jean Lervy, Agnes Green and Vivian Thomas
Table 3d
Agnes Green and Vivian Thomas
Table 3e

Table 4a Table 4b
Shirley Richards, Allen Richards
Janet Collier and Pam Minas
Table 4c
Janet Collier, Pam Minas
Michael Rackham and Elaine Rackham
Table 5a Table 5b Table 5c
Table 5d Table 6a Table 6b
Table 6c Table 6d Table 7a
Table 7b Table 7c Table7d

Table 7e

Dave Chapman

Gwenllian Kuiler

With Dave and Gwenllian (above),
the other New Kids on the Block for the New Decade are:

John Morgan 

 Lilian Austin    

 Lynda Hopkins   

  Marilyn Ivey

   Pat Warren

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October 15 2009

After a grey start, the afternoon of October 15 2009 brought the sun out enough for drinks in the garden of the Atlantic where the chat continued well after the reunion ended. This was the best ever attendance with a total of 62 people gathered for the meal. In the absence of the holidaying Ron Bacchetta, Pam Lewis welcomed the six newcomers, some of whom were not former pupils of the school, but spouses. Becoming too frequent, but hardly unexpected as time goes on, Pam also recalled a trio of deceased ex-students who had died since the last meeting: Muriel Bevan, Gwyn Lewis and Brian Bulley. Gwyn's widow Lynda was present, as were a number of Brian's relatives. Brian attended a reunion organised by Vivian Thomas in 1992. It was held in the Rhondda Heritage Park Hotel when Vivian tried to find as many students from his year and then expanded it to include the year above and the year below, and so on to encompass everyone as it does today. A vote of thanks for the Organising Committee was proposed by first-timer Ron Phippin, which was enthusiastically endorsed by all present.

Table 1 Table 2 Table 3
Pam Lewis (Jennings); Barbara Hickerton;
Margaret Jones (Hughes); Dorothy Reynolds (Lee);
Audrey Jones (Woods); Catherine Evans (Bowen);
Olga Evans (Haines); David Lewis; Megan Edwards (Jones); Enid Spenser Davies (Morgan)
(Clockwise from left foreground):
Dilwen Granfield; Carol Williams (Billington);
Janet Collier (Isaacs); Pamela Minas (Dixon); Margaret Edwards (Miles); Roger Edwards;
Michael Rackham; Elaine Rackham ( Jones)
Idris John; Walter Baberg; Valmai Baberg (Davies);
Mair Poole (Head); Eileen Thomas (Jarman);
Sheila John (Williams)

Table 4 Table 5 Table 6
Nerys John (Jones); Marian Jones (Davies);
Gwyneth Gully (Gelly); Lynda Lewis (Edmonds);
Marilyn Richards; Gerald Richards; Clive Morley;
Pam Martin (Fisher)
Cliff Williams; Trish Bulley (Burden); Gill Williams;
 Roy Bulley; Jean Lervy; Bruce Lervy;
Islwyn Griffiths; Deryck Lewis
Wendy Roberts (Jones); Pat Bulley (Viner);
Christine Johnson (Jones); Mary Ireland (Williams);
Mary Lawson (Morgan); Angela Elliott (Roberts);
Barry Constantine; Lynn Constantine (Parmee);
Carolla Parker (Watts)

Table 7 Table 8 The Beverly Sisters?
Lyndis Lewis; Ceredig Lewis;
Robbie Jones; Dwynwen Jones; Marion Sparrow; George Sparrow
Grenville Samuel; Mary Samuel; Ron Phippin;
June Hall (Michael); Jean Vizor; Tom Vizor;
Vivian Thomas
If it's not the Beverly Sisters, it must be
Valmai Baberg, Mair Poole and Eileen Thomas

... and among the Newest New Kids on the Block are:

Wendy Roberts  Pat Bulley Christine Johnson Ron Phippin Barry Constantine Michael Rackham
(and Elaine)

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April 23 2009

More good weather for the first meeting of 2009, with swim suits and sun hats well in evidence (on the beach, not at the re-union). Fifty-eight people were in attendance, former students and spouses or offspring, but again there was note of sadness, as committee member Pam Lewis recalled moments in the remarkable sporting career of the former Eileen Densley who had died.

Table 1 Table 2a Table 2b
Pam Minas (Dixon); Margaret Edwards (Miles);
Roger Edwards; Siân Rackham;
Elaine Rackham (Jones); Dilwen Granfield;
 Ann Price (Hughes); Janet Collier (Isaacs)
(Clockwise from left foreground): Marian Jones;
Clive Morley; Gwyn Lewis; Lynda Lewis; Agnes Green; Jean Lervy; Morris Green; Bruce Lervy; Nerys John
Jean Lervy; Morris Green; Bruce Lervy;
Deryck Lewis; Nerys John; Marian Jones;
Clive Morley; Gwyn Lewis; Lynda Lewis; Agnes Green

Table 3 Table 4 Table 5
Sheila John; Idris John; Eben Phillips; Olga Evans; Mair Poole (Head); Eileen Thomas Brin Bevan; Muriel Bevan; Catherine Evans;
Grenville Samuel; Vivian Thomas
Carolla Parker; Angela Elliott; Roy Bulley;
Trish Bulley; Marilyn Richards; Gerald Richards

Table 6 Table 7 Table 8
Dorothy Reynolds; Margaret Jones; Pam Lewis; Audrey Woods; David Lewis; Barbara Hickerton;
June Hall; Megan Edwards
Lyndis Lewis; Ceredig Lewis; Jeanette Cadwallader; Roy Britten; Marion Sparrow; George Sparrow;
Robbie Jones; Dwynwen Jones
Walter Baberg; Valmai Baberg; Don May;
Doreen May; Ron Bacchetta; Yvonne Bacchetta;
Cliff Williams

... and the April 2009 New Kids on the Block are:

Roger Edwards  Dilwen Granfield Janet Collier Pamela Minas Ann Price Cliff Williams

Marilyn Richards Elaine Rackham Elaine Rackham and Daughter Agnes Green Jean Lervy Pam Lewis reports on the achievements of the late Eileen Densley

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October 9 2008

October 9 2008 was a gloriously sunny day, which saw 57 attendees gather in the Atlantic Hotel. A new record attendance could have been set as there were six first-timers, but this was exactly offset by six former students who had to cry off. A sad note was struck with a few moments' silence in memory of Irwyn Richards who had died in July after a brief illness.

Table One

Table Two

Table Four

Mary Lawson (Morgan); Pamela Minas (Dixon);
Ann Price (Hughes); Janet Collier (Isaacs);
Carolla Parker (Watts); Diana Johns (Jones);
Lynn Constantine (Parmee)

 Morris Green; Roy Bulley; Trish Bulley (Burden);
Sylvia Griffiths (Churchill); Enid Davies (Morgan); Bruce Lervy

Vivian Thomas; Eileen Thomas (Jarman);
Mair Poole (Head); Olga Evans (Haines);
Ron Bacchetta; Yvonne Bacchetta;
Valmai Baberg (Davies); Walter Baberg;

Table Three (a)

Table Three (b)

Table Five

Margaret Jones (Hughes); Barbara Hickerton;  Ken Morgan; Sheila John; Pamela Lewis (Jennings);
Audrey Jones (Woods);  Idris John; David Lewis

Clive Morley; Lynda Lewis (Edmunds);
Renate Collins (Copleston); Nerys John (Jones); Marian Jones; Joyce Rees (Hooper);
Pamela Martin (Fisher)

Table Six (a)

Table Six (b)

Table Seven

Ceredig Lewis; Robbie Jones; George Sparrow; Marion Sparrow;  Roy Britten
Megan Edwards (Jones); Dwynwen Jones; Lyndis Lewis

Ceredig Lewis; George Sparrow; Marion Sparrow;  Roy Britten; Megan Edwards (Jones); Lyndis Lewis

Grenville Samuel;  Mary Samuel; Tom Vizor;
Jean Vizor; Allen Richards;
Shirley Richards (Bassett)

Table Eight Ron Bacchetta Bill Darch Trealaw Juniors - Tom Howells' Mob
 Muriel Bevan (Haynes); Catherine Evans (Bowen);
Bill Darch; Cyril Lee; Islwyn Griffiths; Brin Bevan
  Bruce Lervy; Deryck Lewis; Morris Green

Introducing the New Kids on the Block October 2008

Renate Collins Morris Green Bruce Lervy Pamela Minas Mair Poole Joyce Rees

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April 10 2008

The previous record attendance was just about broken by the April 10 2008 reunion, which saw several new ex-students among the 58 who gathered at the Atlantic Hotel, and were welcomed by the Reunion Committee Chairman, Ron Bacchetta. Vivian Thomas read a letter from Mrs Betty Jones-Davies who was Music teacher from 1944 to 1952. She was unable to attend the reunion, but in her letter she said that she looked back on her time at Porth with joy, as this was where her teaching career began.

Table One (a)

Table One (b)

Table Two

Margaret Jones (Hughes); Dorothy Reynolds (Lee); Barbara Hickerton; Audrey Jones (Woods)

 June Hall (Michael); Ken Morgan; David Lewis; Pamela Lewis (Jennings)

Cyril Lee; Irwyn Richards; Muriel Bevan (Haynes); Brin Bevan; Bill Darch; Catherine Evans (Bowen)

Table Three

Table Four

Table Five

Clive Morley;  Gwyneth Gully (Gelly); Georgia Lewis (Oatridge); Elfed Lewis; Nerys John (Jones); Pamela Martin (Fisher); Lynda Lewis (Edmunds); Gwyn Lewis

Grenville Samuel; Mary Samuel; Allen Richards;
Enid Davies (Morgan); Sylvia Griffiths (Churchill); Shirley Richards (Bassett; Jean Vizor; Tom Vizor

Ron Bacchetta; Yvonne Bacchetta;
Marian Jones (Davies); Valmai Baberg (Davies); Walter Baberg; Olga Evans (Haines)

Table Six

Table Seven (a)

Table Seven (b)

Sheila John; Carolla Parker (Watts); Ann Price;
Carol Williams (Billington); Roy Bulley;
Trish Bulley (Burden); Mary Lawson (Morgan); Angela Elliott (Roberts); Idris John

Ceredig Lewis; Robbie Jones; Jean Cadwallader;
Roy Britten; Marion Sparrow; George Sparrow

Vivian Thomas; Eileen Thomas (Jarman);
Megan Edwards (Jones); Dwynwen Jones; Lyndis Lewis

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October 18 2007

The organising committee must have consulted again their bunions and seaweed before fixing the date of the October 18 2007 reunion; another sunny day replete with calm breezes and the sea like the proverbial millpond. A few prospective attendees had to cry off for health reasons and other contingencies, which reduced the total to 47.

Table One

Table Two (a)

Table Two (b)

Jean Vizor; Tom Vizor; Allen Richards; Shirley Richards (Bassett); Shirley Waitman (Hughes); Grenville Samuel; June Hall (Michael)

Dwynwen Jones; Robbie Jones; Jean Cadwallader; Roy Britten; Elwyn Parry; Megan Edwards (Jones)

Table Three

Table Four (a)

Table Four (b)

Clive Morley; Sylvia Griffiths (Churchill); Marian Jones (Davies); Nerys John (Jones); Betty Williams (Lewis); Lynda Lewis (Edmunds); Gwyn Lewis

Bill Darch; Irwyn Richards; Catherine Evans (Bowen); Muriel Bevan (Haynes); Brin Bevan;
Islwyn Griffiths; Cyril Lee; Marian Chamberlain

Table Five (a) Table Five (b) Table 6
David Lewis; Pamela Lewis (Jennings); Enid Davies (Morgan); Olga Evans (Haines); Sheila John; Idris John;
Alan Preece; Barbara Preece; Eileen Thomas
Donald May; Doreen May (Hammond); Carolla Parker (Watts); Mary Lawson (Morgan); Deryck Lewis;
Vivian Thomas; Carol Williams (Billington); Brenda Hughes (Hopgood); Yvonne Bacchetta; Ron Bacchetta

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April 19 2007

Glorious weather on April 19 2007 added to the occasion, when a new attendance record of 57 was set. There was a special welcome for Cyril Evans and his wife Robin who had travelled from New Zealand for the dinner, arranging their holiday to coincide with the reunion. However, the dinner started on a sombre note with a few moments' silence as a mark of respect to Eric Morris, who had died on Mar 9.

Table One (a)

Table One (b)

The Welcoming Committee - Pay up now!

Tom Vizor; Jean Vizor;   Mary Samuel; Allen Richards; Roy Britten;  Grenville Samuel;
Shirley Richards (Bassett); Ken Morgan; June Hall (Michael); Vivian Thomas

Eileen Thomas and Pam Lewis

Table Two (a)

Table Two (b)

It's reminiscence time

Pamela Lewis (Jennings);  Alan Preece; Idris John; David Morris; Marilyn Cronin (Lewis);
Olga Evans (Haines); Sheila John;  Barbara Preece; Enid Spencer Davies (Morgan);   David Lewis;

David Morris; Sheila John; Marilyn Cronin

Table Three (a) Table Three (b) Do you remember...?
Gwyn Lewis;  Linda Lewis (Edmunds); Clive Morley; Robin Evans; Cyril Evans; Sylvia Griffiths (Churchill); Shirley Waitman (Hughes); Gwyneth Gully (Gelly);  Gerald Richards; Pamela Martin (Fisher);
Nerys John (Jones); Marian Jones (Evans);
Catherine Evans; Irwyn Richards

Table Four (a) Table Four (b) Old (!) Girls' get-together
Carolla Parker (Watts); Diana John (Jones);  Mary Lawson (Morgan); Mary Williams (Ireland);
Eileen Thomas (Jarman); Ron Bacchetta; Yvonne Bacchetta; Walter Baberg; Valmai Baberg (Davies);
Angela Elliott (Roberts); Deryck Lewis
Nerys John; Pamela Martin; Gwyneth Gully;
Linda Lewis

Table Five Table Six Now it was like this...
Robbie Jones;  George Sparrow; Marion Sparrow;  Barbara Hickerton; Dorothy Reynolds (Lee);
Megan Edwards (Jones); Dwynwen Jones
Cyril Lee;  Irwyn Richards; Islwyn Griffiths; Marian Chamberlain; Bill Darch; Catherine Evans (Bowen) Mary Samuel; Grenville Samuel; Nerys John

On holiday from New Zealand, at a time chosen to coincide with the Reunion Dinner, Cyril Evans replies to Ron Bacchetta's words of welcome. Cyril's wife, Robin, is to his right.
Also in the photograph: Linda Lewis and Clive Morley

Cyril One   Cyril Two

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October 5 2006

The October 5 reunion, despite gales and heavy rain, attracted 48 former students, including five new attendees.

Just what do I have against Table Three? Yet again I did not take a photograph of the table. First time round, I think it was someone missing and then having to dodge the waiters, but try as I may,  I can't find a reasonable excuse for not going back to them. Old age and gout, perhaps? Sorry!
Next time, if I haven't taken a pic of your table, please throw a few sprouts at me by way of a gentle reminder.

Table 1a
Beryl Morris; Eric Morris; Islwyn Griffiths;
Irwyn Richards; Bill Darch

Table 1b
Catherine Evans (Bowen); Muriel Bevan (Haynes); Brin Bevan; Cyril Lee

Table 2a
Marion Sparrow; George Sparrow; Lyndis Lewis
Table 2b
Ceredig Lewis; Robbie Jones; Dwynwen Jones;
Megan Edwards (Jones)
Table 4
Idris John; David Lewis; Barbara Hickerton;
Dorothy Reynolds (Lee);  Margaret Jones (Hughes); Angela Wood; Pamela Lewis (Jennings); Sheila John
Table 5
Vivian Thomas; Ken Morgan; Tom Vizor; Jean Vizor; Mary Samuel; Grenville Samuel; Alan Preece; Barbara Preece; Eileen Thomas (Jarman)

Table 6
Linda Lewis (Edmunds); Marian Jones (Davies);
Mary Lawson )Morgan); Sylvia Griffiths (Churchill);
Angela Elliott (Roberts); Nerys John (Jones);
Marion Chamberlain


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April 27 2006

Fine weather for the first of the 2006 reunions, held on April 27 at the usual venue, resulted in over fifty in attendance.

(Apologies to Table 3. I hadn't touched a drop, but somehow managed to forget to take a photograph of them.)

Table 1a Table 1b Table 2a
Table 2b Table 2b Table 4
Table 5 Table 6 Table 7

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November 25 2005

The second reunion of the year was whittled down to 23 by illness and snowfall

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3


Table 4


Bill Darch


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April 14 2005

The April 14 2005 reunion  was held at the Atlantic Hotel in Porthcawl, and was attended by 42 former pupils and their partners (a dual role in some cases).

Table One Table Two Table Three
Table Four Table Five (A) Table Five (B)


Table Six