Not all make-up is as gory as this! Creators Deinol Morris and Michael Mort with some of the Gogg family Cow (of Cow and Chicken fame) meets Fireman Sam

From: Diabetes - Sweet mystery of life

…Glucose is important as a source of energy, and is the precursor of a whole range of necessary polysaccharides … To these ends it is essential that the glucose is available at the correct concentration: too high or too low a concentration can have adverse - or even life-threatening - effects.
When the reference level of blood/glucose concentration is exceeded, insulin is produced by the pancreas, and the blood/insulin level quickly rises to a plateau. The effect of the increased level of insulin is to initiate negative feedback to disperse the glucose out of the blood to the body cells and liver.
As the blood/glucose ratio decreases, so too the secretion of insulin, as homeostatic equilibrium is achieved.

Stagecrew member at work A camera trainee lines up a shot Bagpuss with his creators Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate

Media photography by South Wales photojournalist
Deryck Lewis

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