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From: Beneath your feet (A walk in the countryside)

…[grass] snakes are not aggressive and do not set out to attack humans or other large animals.
With no organs of hearing, they rely on vibrations through the ground to detect the approach of anything too big to eat, and move into long grass to hide. Sometimes the animal approaches too quickly for the snake to conceal itself and a confrontation results, during which the snake may bite.
Although the effects are less distressing than an adder bite, in these circumstances the grass snake can give a most painful nip, but even this is rather more pleasant that another of its forms of defence: liquefying the contents of its bowel and forcefully spraying the nauseating sludge in the direction of its antagonist...!

Truck finds a hole in the road A training exercise after a train "crash" A church interior at Llangamarch

Reportage and photography by South Wales photojournalist Deryck Lewis

Text and photographs copyright © Deryck Lewis