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From: Wales - City, Coast and Vale
…A land where religion and superstition in equal measure vied for the hearts of the people. Where the Tylwyth Teg, the faery folk equal in standing with Irish leprechauns, lay in wait ready to trick the unwary traveller; and cannwyll corff, the corpse candle, or Cwn Anwn, the hounds of Anwn, were potent symbols of death….
…A half hour bus ride from Hirwaun and another half hour's walk will bring the traveller to Dinas Rock at Pontneddfechan.…
…One tale tells of a traveller who chanced upon a Tylwyth bathing in a brook at the foot of Dinas Rock. Concealing himself, he watched as the fairy moved to a cleft in the rock and passed through. Following, the traveller found himself in a vast cavern, around which Arthur and his knights slumbered. The centre of the cave was filled with treasure beyond imagination. The traveller gathered in his arms as much of the treasure as he could carry, but in his greed allowed one piece of treasure to fall from his grasp. The noise woke the sleeping knights, and he had to drop the treasure to flee for his life.
Outraged by his behaviour, the Tylwyth Teg put a spell on him: Forever he would remember the treasure within the rock, but never again be able to find the entrance, even though condemned to spend the rest of his life searching for it.…

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Social photography by South Wales photojournalist Deryck Lewis (see also Weddings)

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